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While I enjoy writing free technical content to help developers of all skill levels improve and have for years, it is not possible to run this blog with only free content without diminishing its quality. This is why most content on the Mindsers blog is for paid subscribers only.

I am very grateful to every person who is willing to pay for what I write.


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❝ I discovered Mindsers on Instagram, and I learned so much since I read his blog (thanks for the C & PHP articles!). The community is the perfect environment to learn new things, come join us ! ❞

Arthur M.


❝ Mindsers' blog is the perfect place to start when learning how to code! Full of good resources and advice. ❞

Maëva C.


❝ Thanks for the blog, there are a lot of great content. I completely agree with what I read here especially in the " Best Practices " section. Keep the good work! ❞



❝ Super blog de Nath ! Les articles sont bien rédigés et illustrés. Rapides à lire, ils m’ont beaucoup aidé à démystifier certains sujets qui sont abstraits pour les débutants. Les exemples choisis sont pratiques et expliqués simplement. Je recommande à 100 %. ❞

Valérie A.

Our goal at Mindsers Blog is to act positively on coders’ life but we want to act positively on our planet’s life too.
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Will I be able to change or cancel my plan?

Premium plans are paid monthly or yearly, and can be updated, changed, or cancelled any time by logging into your account and clicking a button. No contracts, no nonsense.

I still have questions, how can I contact you?

If you need something else, you can reach out by sending an email to [email protected], or message @MindsersCodes — and I'll do my best to get back to you as soon as possible.

I saw there are issues in English and in French. Will I receive both?

By default, yes. But we don't want to annoy you. If you want to change the languages you receive by email, you can do it on your profile page. It is possible to uncheck the emails you don't want to receive anymore from there.

Whatever your choice is, you will still have access to the newsletter issues library on the blog in both languages.

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No, you don't have to. The higher level of our premium membership contains the newsletter issues and the full blog posts library. You do not have to pay twice.

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What are the topics of the posts?

Even if the public blog posts are focused on coding, I share a lot on other topics in the private ones (business, entrepreneurship, social sciences, ethic in tech, etc.).

How many emails will I get?

A maximum of 2 notification emails per week for the blog and the posts.

You'll also get one email per month for the newsletter if you subscribed to a tiers including it.

Are there other ways to support your work?

Yes. If you only want to donate to support my work you can look at nathanaelcherrier.dev/en/support/ but only Patreon will give you access to the blog membership. Otherwise the default subscription is provided and secured by Stripe.